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about me

A multitude of factors can change a professional and personal situation. It’s called life! We all go through this at different levels, frequencies, and intensities.


Life is a journey of various paths. Choosing the way that suits us according to our resources and constraints, but also, taking into account the environment and individual experience, is a form of self-discovery.


The body and the mind are closely linked. Taking care of the body, in a targeted and adapted manner, helps maintain or, in any case, preserve our health capital.

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Throughout my life, I was able to put into practice different "tools" to face my personal, psychological and physical, challenges.


We often believe to have everything “under control” in our lives, but that’s not always the case. And when everything changes or life decides differently, how do we deal with it?


My life experience led me to discover tools and methods that have proven themselves to go through life’s unexpected circumstances, and come out stronger, but also regenerated, soothed, and ready to bounce back.


Since 2010, I offer my services for employees in companies, to develop awareness, prevention and  maintain health proactively.


Which posture is suitable in regards to yourself and to your environment? How to find the right balance between rigour and flexibility?


IN-hale and EX-hale, with all the subtleties that this represents, to be "Well at Work", “Bien Ô Travail.”

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