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But what is stress all about ...?

According to SECO, stress is an imbalance between the demands and the ability to act.

At first, stress is felt in our body through the nervous system. When stress is chronic, it is reflected by various signals. The symptoms appear in our body, at the physical, physiological, psychological, behavioral level, etc. In order to avoid the consequences linked to chronic stress, preventive methods, that target the nervous system, help maintain balance and good health to better manage stress and avoid burnout.

Often times we feel like life and stress control us.


Knowing yourself means being able to take over the reins in time to prevent the consequences of chronic stress.


Knowing yourself well means knowing how to maintain the balance one needs according to his resources and his constraints.

Having a vision of discernment.


Taking a step back to better move on.

Whether at work or in our private lives, it is essential to balance intensity and relaxation.

Ensuring the well-being of its human asset means preserving the health of the company and its prosperity, the two being closely linked.

Managing stress becomes an essential skill.

To achieve the objective, the method chosen for stress prevention should be in resonance with the employees and the company.

The methods I propose refer to the wonderful barometer that is our body .

It indicates us, by multiple signals, the "pressure" of our stress level.

One learns to listen to the body signs, and adapts according to his available resources.


My services, to raise awareness and better manage stress, are all related to various experiences, that led me to develop an approach that has been successfully tried and tested.


Each employee can chose one or several these 4 services. Their common point is listening to the body, and it's signals, as a guide for managing stress. Listen, observe and recognize the symptoms that our body reveals to us to maintain good physical and mental health.  


Be well at work thanks to :

  1. A workshop on MSD prevention , employees learn not to pull on the rope to "hold on". Listening to their bodies , they will know when to take breaks, and will be able, from their workspace, to address their Muscular-Skeletal Disorders and regenerate the targeted sensivite areas quickly.

  2. Pragmatic workshops for stress prevention and management, in the form of 3 modules, the individual measures his level of stress, through the various themes tackled during the workshop to implement solutions.

  3. Yoga classes: allow employees to be able to recharge their batteries and return to work having refueled with a relaxed body and a clear mind, remaining efficient and productive.

  4. Live Webinar "Visiocourse" by Skype :

    • to take 20'-30' to follow a LIVE webinar course of regenerative stretching from your office chair or work station. The employee is guided to unwind the body and release the mental load.

    • to follow a 45'-60 ' yoga LIVE webinar course, for those who cannot attend a local group class.

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