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The good health of a company and the well-being of its human capital

are closely linked.

Whether stress comes from the professional or private environment,

Bien Ô Travail helps you to maintain your employees' energy level

Florence Boehlen - Presentation

Benefits of well-being at work

Managing stress to maintain health

by three methods:

Stress can be felt physically, through various ailments, due to office work,

or it can be felt psychologically, due to mental load.

MSD prevention

stretching at your desk

Instructive workshop:
Prevention of

"MusculoSkeletal Dirsorders "
Becoming autonomous and competent to relieve areas of body tension, from one's work station

MSD prevention

stretching at your desk

Recognized discipline  to prevent stress effectively.
Settling down, stretching, breathing.
Taking Time in order to continue more efficiently.
To unwind in order to give the best of yourself.

MSD prevention

stretching at your desk

Pragmatic and participative workshops.
In our high performance society,
surpassing oneself is considered normal ...
but what about burnout and its consequences?

Why endure the consequences of stress?

Prevention is about anticipating and being proactive.

My Approach

What is the right dosage?


How to maintain this balance in a world where everything is always going faster,

where change is the only constant?
To move on, stress is necessary. Not enough and nothing progresses; too much and burnout is around the corner.

The key to success is the happy medium.


At what level should "health and well-being" of a company reside?


The health and well-being of employees are the pillars of a company that aims to be sustainable and caring. The employees represent the very heart of a company, like the engine of a well-maintained vehicle that, whatever the weather, arrives at destination.

Considering the well-being of employees in a company, at the same level as work in itself, is the key to success for a solid company and employees who are "Bien Ô Travail", well at work.


Health is Wealth. What is your company's stratgegy?

Allocating funds rightfully, sustainably, ensures healthy and motivated employees for a successful business.

Did you know that :


The costs generated by business stress are estimated at 6.5 billion francs per year in Switzerland , according to the Job Stress Index in 2018


Stress is considered the epidemic of the century by the WHO


The SECO department recommends regular breaks of 5 minutes to perform regenerative stretches of sensitive areas of the body.

Food for thought


Have you ever considered that employees who manage the imperatives between private and professional life are less stressed?


They have everything to give the best of themselves.

This criterion represents the pillar of a stable, healthy and prosperous business.

Benefits of Investing in Stress Management

For the company :

This “Win-win” situation:

+ reduces health-related costs and their repercussions

+ displays a good image to attract and retain the best talent

+ allows you to stay ahead of the race with employees who take into account the balance between their resources and their constraints

+ ensures a return on investment

For employees:

+ Relieves daily stress

+ Improves concentration and endurance

+ Promotes optimal physical health

+ Helps balance mind and psyche

+ Relieves accumulated emotional tensions

+ Eliminates or relieves physical tensions that lodge in the various parts of the body

+ Strengthens the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems

+ Improves posture, general physical condition and state of mind


Roland Rutz

Watchmaker in

Manufacture Horlogère Le Brassus

Testimonial 2019

In the watchmaking profession, our work is very static, the precision of the movements to be performed requires great concentration, and the fact of working with magnifying glasses as well as the raised position of the shoulders creates tension in the neck and back . It goes without saying that in stressful situations, these tensions are amplified.

The various stretches of sensitive areas of the body taught me to develop a particular awareness of breathing and an ability to stretch regions of tension.

I really appreciate Florence's way of teaching because she is very attentive to employees: She has a great ability to take care of people, to take into account their abilities, their knowledge. She adapts the exercises individually so that everyone can get the maximum benefit from them.

Daniel Deiro

Vice President Honeywell

Transportation Systems

Customer Management

Testimonial 2015

The purpose of this is to underline our real satisfaction following the intervention of Mrs. Boehlen and her concept " Zen @ work" within our company in October 2015, during a seminar gathering sixty of our sellers, at Domain of Divonne.

Mandated as a speaker and independent speaker to provide her method " How to live well with stress " accompanied by multiple tips " How to maintain full energy at work ", Ms. Boehlen led an interactive workshop which also contributed to better cohesion of team in a moment of sharing and exchange.

We warmly recommend Florence Boehlen, her method, her professionalism as well as the quality of her intervention with other companies who want to maintain a good quality of life at work, and stay ahead of the race despite the stress.

Honeywell logo.png

Valérie Caritoux

Legal Director

Yahoo Sàrl,Europe

Testimony 2013

I have been taking Florence's yoga classes for 3 years. My loyalty testifies to the physical and mental well-being that this course gives me. I feel a real lack when I can't follow it "

Elena Giandiglio

Executive Assistant VP Operations

Carefusion Switzerland

Testimonial 2015

I I thoroughly enjoy taking part in the Corporate Yoga classes we hold at the office once a week, they are a precious moment of well-being and vitality. Florence is a dedicated teacher, a thoughtful guide and her passion for this discipline make me appreciate all the benefits.

Djeva Hujena

Testimonial 2018

I started doing yoga six years ago, and from the first trial class, I knew I would come back. Florence's courses are structured, varied, and suitable for people of all ages and all levels. We come out of the course serene and rested, I feel much fitter since I practice yoga and it is always with pleasure that I go to classes.

"Temperance and work are the two real doctors of man: Work sharpens his appetite, and temperance prevents him from abusing it."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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