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"Stress management" workshops

Why raise employee

awareness on stress ?

" Know Thyself "


How many people get burnout and say it "happened suddenly"?


Did you know that people who have a burnout come from all walks of life ?


Often, they are ambitious, in senior positions, multi tasks and/or have high responsibilities, are hardworking athletes, ... and yet ?


" Burnout is wanting, but no longer being able to.

Depression is being able to, but not wanting to anymore. "

Théodore Hovaguimian, Geneva Psychiatrist


How can one avoid going from mastering everything, to completely losing control and no longer being able to?

Whom are the pragmatic workshops addressed to ?

  • To employees who feel continuously under pressure, whether in a professional or private setting, due to chronic stress.

  • To anyone who notices symptoms on a physical, physiological, psychological or behavioral level. This continuous stress has an impact on all areas of the person's life.

  • To those looking for tools to better balance the imperatives of professional and private life.

By better understanding stress symptoms and the means to maintaining a life-balance, each individual can, hence, manage their stress more efficiently and be pro-active.

Why participate to an awareness
and stress management workshop ?

Pragmatic workshops allow employees to:

make them aware of their physical, mental or behavioral symptoms, which arise from chronic stress

become aware of their resources and constraints, in order to maintain balance and manage stress well

define and develop tools, resources and solutions, available to better manage stress

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