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Corporate passive body & mind relaxing sessions
based on restoravie yoga

What is restorative yoga?

As the name suggests, it aims to "revitalise and repair" body and mind due to the effects of stress.


Is this Yoga? Yes, but not really.


"Yes": because the goal is to regain balance and recharge.


"No": because there are no "active" postures



What happens during a session ?


Thanks to the passive postures in which various parts of the body are confortably supported, an effect almost like "sinking into a mud bath" is felt where the body progressively releases tension after tension.




-> the central nervous system and fascia are regenerated.


-> the mind is soothed.


-> fatigue dissipates to be replaced by new energy.


-> a sense of peace and well-being is regained, with a "lighter body and mind"

Mens sana in corpore sano

How does a restorative yoga session take place?

Passive poses on the floor. The body is supported with cushions and accessories to be in the greatest comfort. Each pose lasts several minutes during which a very subtle but powerful work takes place.


No effort or pain is felt. The body and mind can then begin their recovery process.


Seen from the outside nothing seems to happen because the practitioner "does nothing". Lived from the inside, well-being occurs physically and mentally. This is amazing!


Learn to be caring, know your limits, non-judgment of yourself, take a step back from stress and recharge.


Gentle guidance sets the mood, while felt very uniquely felt by each participant.

 yoga vs. sport ?

Yoga works on several levels. It addresses the physical, psychic, endocrine, muscular, articular parts of the body. It purifies the digestive organs and above all, it leads to better self-knowledge.

Sport can have secondary impacts on the body. It allows one to release the tensions linked to stress. However, it is not always regenerating or accessible to all, depending on the restrictive physical conditions.

Yoga adapts to the individual.

Who are the courses for?

Yoga classes welcome all types of people from all backgrounds, flexible or not, athletic or not, perhaps having old injuries, due to accidents for example, or having various limitations, whatever they are.


Whether beginner or experienced, man or woman, regardless of age, yoga classes are suitable for all levels and everyone.

Why corporate yoga?

Corporate yoga classes allow employees to be able to recharge their batteries. They get back to work full of energy, with a relaxed body and a clear mind. They can, thus, maintain their work rythm in an efficient and effective manner.


The advantage of weekly yoga classes at the workplace eliminates the need to travel by car, allowing employees to come regularly.

"Hatha", yoga focused on postures:

Postures that soften and tone the muscles, develop balance and concentration, and balance the meridians.

"Yin", yoga of the joints:

Postures that address the connective tissue, and all the joints to avoid inflammation. It decreases osteoarthritis, or relieves areas such as: the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists, dorsal region, hips, knees, ankles, to the toes.

"Pranayama", developing the breath:

Learning to breathe properly allows the central nervous system to relax, and to find a way back in challenging situations. Breathing eliminates tension, pain, and replenishes energy in just a few minutes; a precious tool very effective and very accessible anytime, anywhere.

Eye yoga:

Stretching of the optic nerve. The eyes need regular stretching because they are very sollicitated during long hours. Eye yoga prevents headaches and  maintains good vision.

Several other styles of yoga are also available.

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