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Virtual regenerative stretching tutorials:

Instant solutions to replenish your energy

In our society where "Time is Money", we no longer take our time. Stress and its consequences are omnipresent.

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How to regenerate in just

a few minutes?

Virtual tutorials, lasting just a few minutes, can be viewed at any time on your smartphone or computer.


The tutorials demonstrate how to perform regenerative stretches and guide the listener to clear their mind through mindfulness methods.


The various tutorials target sensitive areas of the body:

  • Neck and trapezius

  • Upper members

  • Various areas of the back

  • Spine

  • Lower back and hips


The result is instantaneous, both physically and mentally.

Employees return to work feeling reenergized and efficient.

Florence Boehlen - Presentation

Benefits of well-being at work

How do you maintain your physical health and energy up, while remaining ahead of the race ?

  • By regenerating whenever necessary.

  • By stretching sensitive areas and freeing your mind anytime, anywhere.


These mini video-tutorials are made to be accessible and viewed on demand.

The delivery method, is defined according to the terms of agreement.

Information request:

Thank you for your inquiry !

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