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Pain all over ?

Confined to office spaces, to repetitive movements?

  • Do your employees suffer from various joint or muscle pain and do not know how to remedy it ?


  • Some employees do not have time to take a group course or it does not suit them?


  • Telecommuting is good, but we move less!


Then you are at the right address. Bien Ô Travail offers 25-minute Live Skype courses, or according to your needs .

Advantages for live webinar courses from your smartphone or computer:

  • No need to go to a group class or go for a run.

  • No need to get changed.

  • It motivates those who are not always disciplined.

  • Many will discover simple stretches to perform regularly.

According to individual limitations and needs, to pre-existing injuries, or soreness of the moment, targeted stretching will be offered with various options.

How can employees benefit ?

Either once or several times weekly, a LIVE session in through a Skype webinar, is given, according to agreed arrangement.

Your employees connect via their mobile phone or computer.

From their workspaces, for 25 minutes, your employees will be accompanied, to perform regenerative movements and good breaths, to relieve the various ailments related to work.

For those who have little time and body pain in various places, this is for you!  


did you stretch today ?


“Without knowing it and with a lot of simplicity, Florence managed to put words that deeply touched me during this session and that I needed to hear at that time to let go of my daily life and thoughts that can pollute our minds. The sessions she gives online are very short, but it's like a moment suspended in time, an energizing parenthesis. It is very easy to organize one's daily work around and one comes out with a smile and a regenerated body. It goes to show that sometimes a little is enough! It wasn't a big deal, but for me it's already a lot. Thanks to Florence! "

Yura Correia de Azevedo / Events coordinator

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